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Why get involved with your Local Policing Forum?

The local forums are where residents (whether tenants or owner-occupiers), workers and business owners in the area can have direct access to Senior Gardai and Local Authority staff, to discuss/voice any concerns they may have regarding anti-social behaviour, estate or traffic management, the environment etc.

The main mechanism for this discussion are the public meetings, which are held several times a year by each Forum, and you can find details of all the upcoming public meetings at in the ‘Latest News’ section.

The Forums also aim to keep members of the public updated regarding the topics that have been brought up and what the relevant agencies have done about those. You can also get in touch directly with each Forum, all in the strictest of confidence, if you wish to bring anything to its attention prior to a public meeting.

Local Policing Forums (sometimes also called Community Policing Forums, or Community Safety Forums) were set up in accordance with the Local Policing Fora Guidelines, as set out in Section 36(2) of the Garda Siochana Act 2005 (amended in 2014). According to the Act, the main functions of Local Policing Forums include:

●       Provision of a mechanism through which the community, the Gardai and the local authority (and public representatives, other statutory agencies and other stakeholders as required) come together in a formal structured way.

●       Identifying issues of concern in relation to policing, anti-social behaviour and estate management.

●       Developing guidelines and supports around how to manage the tensions and divisions that arise within communities as a result of anti-social impact of alcohol-related problems, drug-dealing and drug use.

●       Providing feedback on progress and hold agencies accountable.

The Dublin South Central area includes four Local Policing Forums, All of these LPF’s also have a representative on the ‘Four Forums Network’, a unique collaboration of local policing fora, set up in 2016, to share learning around tackling local issues, which in many cases are very similar across the whole South Central area.

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