Ballyfermot-Chapelizod first post-Covid Face-to-Face Public Meeting

Ballyfermot-Chapelizod Local Community Policing Forum is holding a public meeting on Thursday 3rd March, 2022, at the Ballyfermot Civic Centre, 7.30pm.

If you wish to submit a question in advance of the public meeting, please email and the question will be sent forward for consideration and if possible an answer will be given at the meeting.

A webinar to share the successes achieved and challenges faced by Restorative Practices across Ireland Tuesday1st March 9.30am

Across Ireland, many thousands of frontline professionals, including An Gárda Siochána, have received training in restorative practices in recent years. The emphasis restorative practices place on collaboration and stakeholder participation has brought to the fore the need both to build relationships and work across services at the local level, in order to support community development. Emerging from this, professionals and civil society groups have established restorative practice partnerships to enable interagency and inter-sectoral working, and help restorative practices proliferate. However, there are few workshops dedicated to sharing their successes and challenges and raising the profile of this work.

This webinar aims to create a platform for local restorative practice networks to share specific features of their work that will be of value to those engaged, or hoping to engage, in restorative partnership working across Ireland. It doubles as an opportunity to meet others who are interested in restorative practices and energise participants seeking to utilise restorative practices in different (and across) settings and sectors.

The webinar will take place on Zoom and you can register for the event through Eventbrite: